Newborn Photoshoot & a few secrets

Newborn Photoshoot & a few secrets

Well what  a lovely start to the day, I got to meet Hunter, just about 2 weeks old and what a fabulous model he was today. Its always a little stressful for new mums when photographing their babies as they always worry about them not settling or crying.  Not Vicki, she through herself into it and even became one of the props! Sometimes you have to do what works and if baby needs mum then thats what you work with.  Today we did a little of both as Hunter soon settled into ‘fame’

Below are just a couple from today

BE7A1145-Edit BE7A1175 BE7A1190-Edit BE7A1258-Edit

Not forgetting mum of course who helped behind the scenes & you thought it was easy setting up for a newborn photoshoot, lots of patience and a few giggles and in the end you get the shot you need!





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