A Lending Hand

A Lending Hand

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For a friend….we are always here!

I was asked this week if I wouldn’t mind taking some quick photos of our friend Jim and when a friend asks for some help you don’t say no.  Jim is a very special young man who lives in our village who we have known for around 6 years and since the age of 2 years he has managed his life with a heart defect.  Through all of Jim’s highs & low points, and sadly there have been a few lows he has always managed to find time in educating people and inspiring people with his fight against this very personal battle. He remains positive and spends considerable time raising awareness & funds to help people in similar situations and talks to people about making those difficult decisions and the importance of being organ donor.

Jim is waiting for a new heart and survives with the aid of a heart pump.  He is a tremendous young man with huge courage and dedication, he is currently working with the band ‘Little Comets’ this weekend, as they attempt to break a world record. The band have known Jim since his third cardiac arrest, and now that Jim needs a heart transplant, they are running and playing their songs throughout the GNR. Jim will join the band for the last 200m, despite having a bionic heart, and add percussion to the finale.

Please support the band by considering organ donation via their unique link:



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